Turn Around Cafe

By April 15, 2017April 15th, 2021Community Stories

Meet 20 year old Kevin O’Donnell and 17 year old Drake Edwards.  Both young men have experienced a variety of challenges and setbacks in their young lives.  But, with the help of Assured Family Services, a Wayne County-funded program focused on child welfare and juvenile justice, and Lakeshore Global Corporation, they are now both entrepreneurs in training.  The two men operate a small café on the ground floor of the building where LCG is headquartered in Detroit, MI.   There are no shortages of customers either.  “Almost everyone stops in here when they are on their way to their offices in the morning”, said Kevin.  “They want coffee, juice and maybe a muffin and fresh fruit.  We get a lot of support”.  Kevin graduated from Ferndale High School, and Drake is working on his GED.  Both view this opportunity as a new beginning and a chance to have a real job to put on their resume.

“We feel that it is our obligation to give back to the community, and LGC is working to assist the Turn Around Café by bringing in local businesses to help fund its expansion.  The Turn Around Café is just one of the many programs my partner Avinash Rachmale and I support that reach out to disadvantaged young people who often find themselves without hope and no one to turn to”, said LGC Vice President Thomas Hardiman.